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Can a DIY Windshield Repair Kit be Better Than Pro Repair? Let’s Find Out!


One sure sign of experience in the realm of DIY work is recognizing when it’s better to leave a task to the professionals. While there are many skills one can acquire and it’s as easy as ever to pick up new abilities with the help of YouTube, there are situations where hiring a pro is the smarter choice, sparing you headaches and ensuring the job is done right.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a handbook that clearly states when to DIY and when not to. Thankfully, there are highly informative YouTube channels like Project Farm that guide us through various projects, offering insights into their complexity and whether the cost savings of doing it ourselves outweigh hiring an expert.

In this particular exploration, Project Farm delves into the world of DIY windshield repair. True to its style, the channel tests a range of windshield repair kits to determine if one outshines the rest. These kits span from a modest nine-dollar option to a professional-grade kit priced at $319, designed for repeated use by experts. Naturally, even if one does decide to do the job themselves, there will be questions about which of these kits is best fit for the job. Could a nine-dollar investment really do the trick in the same way as a more expensive option?

In this experiment, Project Farm enlists the assistance of a professional windshield repair technician who charges $85 for their services. The pro also evaluates the quality of repairs conducted by the DIY kits.

In the video below, we can witness a thorough evaluation of the available windshield repair products on the market, including their effectiveness and ease of use. While windshield repair may seem straightforward and relatively quick, Project Farm also assesses the durability, scratch resistance, and long-term strength of the repairs, factors that are crucial for a successful windshield repair job.