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DIY Shop Vac Mod Should be a Part of Every Garage

It seems inevitable. One trip to the hardware store and one could easily find themselves sucked into the tool aisle and taking a glance at all of the new offerings that are up for grabs. It seems like every trip to the hardware store yields something new that has been invented that promises to make work just a little bit easier.

This time, the invention in question isn’t going to cost much money for those with a bit of a DIY mindset because our host at Cap10323 took to YouTube to show off his DIY experience. The project took aim at a typical Shop Vac with the idea of making it a bit more useful.

Essentially, the project attempts to add another extension choice to the vacuum’s intake. Instead of using a hose or any of the heads that come with the unit, PVC pipe would create another element of usefulness for the vacuum.

By attaching PVC in such a way as to emulate a household vacuum, the shop vac could theoretically inhale a big mess in a hurry. This might be useful for somebody who’s looking to clean up something like oil dry and doesn’t want to sit there with the hose and sweep back and forth. The idea could even serve as an attachment that might allow such a vacuum to clean an entire garage floor instead of doing what most people would do when they take to a broom and dustpan to get the job done.

In any case, our host informed us that the whole idea was thought of and designed within a day so maybe there’s a little bit of room for improvement. However, we would have to say that the end product is certainly a pretty interesting jumping-off point. We wouldn’t be too shocked in the least to see companies emulate something like this and have it for sale at your local Home Depot before long.