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Car Catches Fire In The Middle Of A Race! | Street Outlaws

When tuning in to Street Outlaws, viewers can always expect plenty of action and a healthy dose of drama. In this particular clip, we get both as 15 competitors step up to challenge the 405 crew in a variety of races that is sure to go off with a bang.

As is customary with any street race, the first task is organizing all the racers which is most certainly something that frequently proves easier said than done. Matching up cars while drivers seek every advantage can be quite a challenge, especially when they’re negotiating the race’s stakes. These negotiations can sometimes drag on all night.

In this case, it seems like either some impressive editing or a quick and organized process, as 15 competitors are matched with 15 members of the 405 crew, ready to hit the streets. Each racer has put up $200, making it a 15 versus 15 showdown where the winner takes home $3,000. With both cash and an ego boost up for grabs, this little shindig has all of the makings of an entertaining night.

The action kicks off with an exciting race featuring two powerful muscle cars. However, the real drama unfolds after this race when Mark Vinson steps up with his nitrous-fed ’55 Chevrolet.

As the ’55 Chevy lines up against AZN’s “Jeeper Sleeper” SRT8 Jeep, which boasts all-wheel drive, viewers anticipate an entertaining matchup. However, the owner of the Chevy admits to spraying too much nitrous too early before the motor reached enough RPM, causing a fiery mishap that cut the race short, something that no competitor or fan really wants to see in place of a solid competition.

Situations like these are always possibilities when so many mechanical parts work in harmony to create blazing fast hot rods. Thankfully, the fire was extinguished before it got out of hand, although it did cost Vinson the race.