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WhistlinDiesel Might Go to Jail Over a Jet Ski Splash, Claims the Police are Extorting Him

YouTube creator, WhistlinDiesel, certainly is no stranger to a little bit of controversy. Generally, the controversy comes in his comment sections as people argue about whether or not it’s ethical to destroy highly sought after supercars which our host is very much known for doing.

However, this time, according to the YouTuber, he says that he’s entangled in an entirely different bit of controversy as it pertains to the police in the state of Tennessee.

WhistlinDiesel aka Cody Detwiler says that he and a friend were operating their jet skis in a safe and completely legal fashion when they were stopped by police. According to Detwiler, the police would hand out a charge of reckless operation for splashing each other with the skis. Apparently, in the state of Tennessee, it’s illegal to operate jet skis within 30 yards of each other, a distance which Detwiler maintains that he and his friend kept. Such a charge is apparently accompanied by up to a year behind bars in the state.

Unfortunately, sometimes, police hand out charges that aren’t exactly reflective of reality which is something that can be disputed in the court room. However, where things seem to get weird, according to our host, is when he paints a picture of a dramatic situation in a dark room where the police officer responsible for handing over the charges gave Detwiler a choice. Detwiler alleges that the officer said that he would make sure that “All of this goes away” should Detwiler create a video to promote the state’s boater’s ed classes.

As if that wasn’t enough, our host continues that gathering a copy of the pre-trial audio from the police was also something that he claimed was nearly impossible. Detwiler says that after asking for the audio, the law enforcement agency first gave him a blank CD before eventually sending the audio track to his lawyer with a message that claimed it couldn’t be posted to social media.

Below, Detwiler lays out his side of the story that paints a picture of a wild goose chase that seems pretty illegal.