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Car Salesman Rolls Customer’s Brand New Ranger Raptor on Joyride

The Ford Ranger Raptor is a vehicle that enthusiasts have been drooling over here in the States. However, we’ve yet to hear plans of the high performance model coming stateside, unfortunately.

However, in South Africa where the model is available, plenty of customers are enjoying the truck’s capability. One would be Ranger Raptor owner is going to have to wait, though. Reports have surfaced of a salesman taking an already-sold, brand new Ranger Raptor for a test drive that turned into a joyride. Video footage of the incident has been released, showing the driver pushing the vehicle beyond what most would consider reasonable for a test drive, reaching speeds of up to 80 KMH, or roughly 50 MPH while plowing through an uneven and muddy field.

Things come to a climax when, during the joyride, the driver made a sharp turn, causing the truck to tip over and totaling it. Adding to the gravity of the situation, the driver was holding a drink in his hand while operating the vehicle, which raises concerns about whether this was a case of drinking and driving as well. Even if there were no alcohol involved, driving in such a manner with just one hand on the wheel is something we would recommend avoiding.

While the off-road capabilities of the Ranger Raptor are impressive, we think most would agree that a stunt like this is inappropriate. Even if the rollover didn’t happen, covering the brand new truck in mud most certainly isn’t a professional move.

All of the people inside of the vehicle were reportedly ok and able to walk away.

The incident has been captured on video and posted on YouTube creator, That’s My Car!. It is understandable that this video would infuriate anyone who had spent their hard-earned money on a new vehicle, only to see it being recklessly abused by someone else.