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ChatGPT Designed the Perfect NASCAR Track and it’s a Bit Obscure

Throughout the course of a NASCAR season, there are a wide variety of race tracks in play. These tracks come together as the result of the hard work and time invested by incredibly smart people. Over the years, some facilities have even had their layout re-engineered in an attempt to make the resulting product as interesting as possible.

So, in the name of good racing, could the wildly popular artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT, create a better race track layout than what’s currently out there?

This seems like a question that should be asked of people with racing experience or perhaps even an engineering background. However, as an artificial intelligence language model with access to nearly endless amounts of data on the internet, could the program possibly come up with a configuration that would make for the best racing possible. Maybe ChatGPT could even come up with something better than what we have ever imagined possible.

In the video below, we watch a YouTuber named DJ Yee-J, who asks artificial intelligence about the features that would make the best race track. He then incorporates the characteristics described by ChatGPT into a video game to test how well the track layout performs. This is also followed by a race with a couple of friends to really put the features of the new facility to the test.

In the video below, we see how the track is designed and eventually tested.

It’s unclear whether artificial intelligence is the only tool necessary to create the best possible racing layout at this point. However, it wouldn’t be too surprised if it was a tool that could be utilized by those looking to answer questions like this. At the end of the day, being able to scan all of the information in the world and immediately come up with an intelligent response is quite a valuable tool.