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Extreme Engineering – How High Could we Possibly Build?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on April 18, 2022

With every development in engineering, it seems as if some engineers like to take the extremes and push them even further. The very definition of the role seems to be to take something that’s currently not possible and use creativity, math, and science to come to a real-world solution.

When we take a look at some of the projects that have been completed to date, it can be easy to be impressed. Just think about how smart a team has to be in order to put together a typical skyscraper. Now, imagine pushing past those limits to some of the biggest megaprojects in the entire world. Moving forward, the crazy part is that we’re only going to see bigger and better coming to life.

This time, thanks to YouTube creator, Top Luxury, we dig into some of the biggest buildings that exist currently and where things might go in the future. With the world population constantly expanding, we’re only left to wonder if the best place to build in the long term is up.

Following along with the video below, we dive into this interesting dilemma that only has a theoretical answer for now. However, if things keep evolving at the rate that they are these days, we wouldn’t be shocked to see some pretty insane megaprojects unfold over the next couple of decades.

When push comes to shove, how high do you think engineering will be able to take some of the largest buildings in the world?

Do you think that you would have what it takes to live inside of one of these buildings, way up high in the sky, kissing the clouds or maybe even looking down on the clouds every time that you walk out on your balcony? One day, that imaginary “what if?” might just become a reality!


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