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Chevy Blazer vs Ford Explorer: Which Budget 4X4 Is The Best Affordable Classic?

When we check in with vehicle reviews and comparisons on YouTube, most of the time, it’s the newer flashier cars that get the spotlight. However, sometimes, it’s not all about going out and buying a brand new car but instead, seeing just how far you can stretch that dollar on a budget.

Sure, trying to spend as little money as possible probably isn’t quite as fun as having an unlimited budget for a new ride. However, with some of these older vehicles there is a lot of charm in play as certain cars and trucks that are just plain old begin to make their way toward the territory of becoming a classic. Why not invest low when they are at the bottom of the bell curve of value?

This time, we check in with a little bit of a comparison from the crew over at TFL Classics. In this particular video, the subject of discussion or none other than a 1987 Chevrolet Blazer S10. The two door boasts a familiar style with square headlights and the egg carton grill that had become popular with Chevrolet at the time. On the other hand, we have a 1991 Ford Explorer XLT. The Explorer at the time had become a wildly popular option for somebody in the small SUV market so much so that the Explorer nameplate still lives on as it’s going strong today in 2023.

Now, this year, we would be inclined to think that these examples of budget SUVs probably aren’t turning heads on the highway anywhere. However, as they seem to be about at the bottom of the barrel as far as value goes, now might be a time to grab one of these classics before they start to strum the strings of sweet nostalgia. Not only that but some of these machines provide pretty good value for somebody looking for a cheap way to get around town and throw in a little bit of function while they’re at it.