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Garage Full of Classic Corvettes Destroyed in Wake of Hurricane Ian

Now that the wrath of Hurricane Ian has finally settled down a bit, sections of Florida are left to pick up the pieces once again, trying to salvage what they can and rebuild what they can’t. This means that everything from homes to boats and even cars are going to have to be assessed and there might be some interesting conversations with the insurance company to come.

This time, we check in with yet another account of the rehab effort as an individual on TikTok who goes by the name of @that_one_guy_from  set out to pick up a Harley-Davidson from a storm ravaged property. However, upon approaching the home to grab the motorcycle, he would end up stumbling upon a scene that he says really hit close to home and made him sick to his stomach.

When approaching the home, the video shows a second generation Chevrolet Corvette outside, a car that the video uploader says looks like it was fully restored. That wasn’t where it stopped, though, as when the camera got closer to the home, we would see that the damage went so much further. In fact, it seems as if the garage was stuffed with old school Corvettes from both the first and second generation along with a variety of equipment that has since been destroyed. It was simply jarring to see not only the cars in the condition that they were in but the lifts that were sitting in the garage, ripped from the ground and sitting on their side.

This is certain to be one of many accounts of storm cleanup to come as Ian certainly made its presence felt.

@that_one_guy_from I know it’s not 500k worth, I was just heartbroken to see all these classics ruined. 💔 #chevy #corvette #fortmyers #hurricane #towlife #classic ♬ original sound – Rob DeNisi