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Chicago Insists Couple Pay Red Light Ticket for Someone Else’s Car

Receiving a red light ticket in the mail is not something anyone wants to experience. It’s frustrating, to say the least, and many drivers will try to appeal these tickets. However, while some may try to get out of a ticket with creative excuses, there are legitimate reasons why a fine should be dismissed. One such reason is receiving a ticket for a vehicle that one does not own and has never operated.

A couple from outside Chicago is claiming that the city is forcing them to pay a red light camera violation fine for a vehicle they do not own. While the car in question did run a red light, the couple that received the fine has no history with the car in question, and as such, it should be a clear-cut case of being let off the hook. Unfortunately, the couple says that the fine has gone to collections and they are unable to get the case closed.

In this situation, we check in with YouTube lawyer, Steve Lehto, who specializes in digging into these kinds of cases, trying to find a solution for the affected parties. Lehto sheds some light on how the couple might navigate the legal process and determine what their options are for disputing the fine.

Receiving a ticket for someone else’s vehicle is not uncommon, and it can happen for various reasons, such as a DMV mix-up or clerical error. In this particular case, though, is there something that we aren’t seeing or will the couple be able to get away from this fine that seems entirely unjust?

Below, we find out just that as the case is dissected, piece by piece, to try to get to the bottom of the case that sounds about as frustrating as it is confusing. This isn’t a headache that I could say I’d wish on anyone!