fb-pixel Chief Makes Appearance at “ATX Mexico” Cash Days
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Chief Makes Appearance at “ATX Mexico” Cash Days

Ahh, the feeling of cash days. Ever since they came on the scene, these tournament-style events seem to bring out the best in the world of street racing. There’s just something special about getting to see so many top-tier machines throwing down on the streets.

With the right person organizing everything, these sorts of outings promise plenty of action. In this particular case, we check in with a 28-car field that features some of the fastest cars in America. You might notice a few familiar faces including Big Chief making an appearance. Each competitor is focused on the aim of proving their dominance, showcasing that they are faster than 27 other cars on their way to the cash prize and major bragging rights.

This time, we check in with all of the action that will most certainly get the blood pumping. One of the things we can’t help but love about a setup like this is that the competitors on hand represent a wide variety of possibilities in the world of drag racing. There isn’t one cut-and-dry way to get down the street the fastest. In fact, this field doesn’t only consist of cars but also throws a couple of trucks into the mix as well.

Fortunately, it seems as if this event goes off without a hitch, bringing all of these machines together to prove once and for all which one is the fastest on this particular night.

Below, we check in with the action brought to us by the Texas Street Cars YouTube channel. This is one where we can really soak in the ambiance of some serious muscle hitting the streets and some good competition going down. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled because this action happens fast and you never know what’s going to come next.