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Big Chief and Jackie Head to OKC Small Tire Street Race

When you embark on a night of street racing, uncertainty is your constant companion.

No matter how much preparation goes into it, the sheer unpredictability of street racing tournaments, often referred to as “Cash Days,” means that even the most meticulous planning can be disrupted by unforeseen variables. Factors like an unfamiliar street with poor traction can make or break a race. However, every racer faces the same conditions, leveling the playing field. It’s a test of a driver’s ability to adapt, forcing even the most experienced street racers to reevaluate their strategies.

In this particular event, we join Big Chief and Jackie as they participate in a small tire shootout in OKC, one of the country’s most respected street racing communities. Chief and Jackie equipped their Cadillac CTS-V “Caddie Jack” with a small tire combo suitable for the class of competition to see what the luxury cruiser has to offer.

When they hit the streets, anything can happen. This is especially true when we consider the level of competition lurking in the 405. Whether it’s a common Fox Body Mustang, a pickup truck, or some sort of sleeper, in this town, the car in the next lane over should never be slept on as one never knows what kind of punch their opponent might pack, even for such a revered racer as Big Chief.

Join us in the video below, which chronicles their night, as they navigate their way through the competition. They push their car to the limit, seeking the path to the final round and ultimately the finish line, where the coveted cash prize awaits. Can they summon the skills required to overcome the plethora of talent in an event featuring a wide variety of formidable racers? To find out, we invite you to watch the video below.