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Big Chief and Chuck Have an Epic Meltdown in Heated Argument

If we’re talking about drag racing, things can find a way to become a little bit tense sometimes (and by sometimes, we mean a lot of the time). This is especially true when there’s money or reputation on the line as a couple of drivers line up to have at it. If we really wanted to multiply this tense situation, we would take things to the street where competition can get a little bit heavier than if it were on a track. It just seems to be the nature of the beast when it comes to street racing that every driver is trying to gain an advantage on the next which can lead to arguments flaring up.

This time, we check in with a little bit of a throwback clip that seems to have stemmed from some sort of misunderstanding. With the previous information, though, it can be tough to discriminate between what’s a simple understanding and what is an example of a racer trying to gain an edge in competition.

In any case, a couple of drivers from the 405 in Big Chief and Chuck Seitsinger got into a little bit of a debate that slowly but surely got more and more heated with every word that came out. Eventually, the back-and-forth that was related to the “when and where” of a callout elevated to a screaming match that seemed to get blood pressure pumping and had at least one driver walking away unhappy with the results.

Like it or not, drama is almost always a part of the Street Outlaws script and in this particular situation, we could see why there is a race master to make important decisions. It seems as if otherwise, these guys would go around in circles for hours, trying to figure out who said what and when they said it.