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Clarkson Races Hammond in Aston Martin VS Dodge at Mugello Circuit | The Grand Tour

Over the years, the comedic stylings of Clarkson, Hammond, and May have served as the vessel to bring us some of the best automotive content that the industry has ever seen. In an act that serves as much as a comedy routine as a car show, we have been entertained and learned all about some of our favorite rides.

This time, we check in with a battle between two of the presenters that takes their tastes and puts them to the tests on the race track.

As the show has pointed out those over the years on multiple occasions, Richard Hammond is more of a fan of American muscle. In this case, that means the Dodge Challenger Hellcat which is definitely a powerful machine. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful production cars ever made. However, as powerful as it is, the car is certainly nothing short of a boat. Not only does it weigh a lot but it’ll probably be a little bit sloppier around turns than something that’s lighter and nimbler.

In order to fill that role, Jeremy Clarkson steps in to deliver that car is lighter and nimbler. Clarkson picks out something from the Aston Martin camp to serve this purpose.

So, with this one, we have the traditional battle of raw horsepower versus a car that is going to gain in the power to weight ratio department thanks to its lightweight architecture. Certainly, the debate about which one of these styles is better could go on forever. In this case, though, we get to see which one is better as it applies to a road course.

So, how will these hot rods fare around Mugello Circuit with some of our favorite entertainers behind the wheel? It’s time to find out just that.