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Complete Brake Failure – Tesla Model S Plaid Loses Brakes at 170 MPH

For all intents and purposes, the Tesla Model S Plaid is an insane machine. Offering over 1000 hp from the factory, the Plaid was the first car to truly show off what an electric performance machine could look like. In fact, when it came out, the platform seized the day, taking home the title of the quickest and fastest production car to ever make its way down to the quarter-mile.

Fast forward, and we have found ourselves at the point in the timeline where people are beginning to modify these machines to make them even more performance-oriented.

In this particular outing, we join in with YouTube creator, Chillin’ with Chet, who mixes things up a little bit with his Model S Plaid. In place of the original stopping power, the car is host to a set of bigger brakes.

Unfortunately, after installing this big brake kit and taking the car out for a test, our host would run into an incredibly dangerous situation.

After taking the car up to 170 mph or so on a closed course, Chet could be heard saying “The brakes are too hot,” which would immediately be followed by the car losing much of its stopping power. It appears as if the man behind the wheel attempted to scrub the car’s speed as possible before eventually sending the EV into a wall.

Following the incident, we would learn that Chet had suffered five broken ribs, a torn ACL, and a fractured knee. This all seems to be a miraculous escape given that the car didn’t have a roll bar or airbags. In fact, it looks like a lot of the car in question was stripped as it seems to have been gutted for speed.

Below, we ride along with video from inside the car that seems as if it launches as hard as a rocket ship before eventually tumbling over at incredibly high speeds.

CRASH UPDATE** Tesla Plaid Complete Brake Failure at 170mph!!