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Controversial Call Between Daddy Dave & Ryan Martin! at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings

Is it really drag racing if there’s not a little bit of controversy involved? When the No Prep Kings season kicked off at Palm Beach International Raceway, right from the get-go, there was a little bit of drama to mix things up a bit.

The controversial race happened in the quarterfinals of the event where Ryan Martin was coming off of a run where he was actually down a cylinder but still managed to put himself in position to advance. In the next round, he drew Daddy Dave, and ironically enough, Dave was the only person on the premises who had the right part to help Martin fix his car. After being a good sport and helping Martin to get his machine back up and running again, the two would head to the starting line to throw down against one another.

During the race, everything goes down smoothly as each competitor appears to have a really solid pass. With that, Martin appears to cross the finish line first but at the end of it all, Dave was the one declared the winner via his win light.

Going back and reviewing the footage from his own personal GoPro, Martin doubles down on the fact that he’s pretty sure that he had it in the bag. After watching the video, it does appear to be pretty clear that Martin was the one who reigned victorious as well.

After the controversial call that was clearly an issue with the timing system, the decision would be reversed and Martin would go on to the final round where he would end up taking home a victory and winning the whole ordeal at Palm Beach. It certainly had to be frustrating to make it down the track first, only to see that you weren’t declared the winner. Fortunately, everything was sorted out and the rightful winner would proceed.

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