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Cop Pulls Over Top-Ranking Officer for Speeding (96 MPH in a 35 Zone!)

When a police officer pulls over another police officer, it inevitably creates an intriguing dynamic. Many argue that such situations should be treated like any other traffic stop, emphasizing that police officers must adhere to the law just like any civilian, if not to a higher standard due to their position of authority.

Occasionally, these intriguing scenarios come to light as body camera footage finds its way onto platforms like YouTube, allowing the public to witness how officers handle the pressure when confronting their colleagues. I mean, just imagine writing up your boss!

In one such incident, viewers ride along with a traffic stop involving Henry County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Michael Yarborough, who was caught driving at a staggering 96 mph in a 35 mph zone. For any ordinary citizen, such reckless driving would entail severe consequences. However, the focus here lies on how the officer handling the situation would act, considering he has pulled over a high-ranking colleague. It is regrettable that Yarborough was on duty when this occurred, and despite having his lights on, there was no apparent emergency justifying his excessive speed.

As the body camera footage rolls, the officer can be seen calling his superior, presumably seeking advice on how to proceed. The response he receives is that it is his responsibility to handle the stop at his discretion, prompting him to make the decision to issue a ticket, treating the situation as he would with any other driver.

Subsequently, Yarborough dutifully reported the citation to the Henry County Sheriff and was handed a 40-hour suspension without pay as a consequence of his actions.

This incident underscores the importance of upholding accountability within law enforcement agencies. Despite the delicate situation of pulling over a fellow officer, it seems as if this situation was handled in the best way possible on both sides of the coin.