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Could a $50 Roll on Paint Job Look Professional on a $50,000 Tacoma?

In the world of automotive modification, a lot of times, we can’t help but wonder what the cheapest way to accomplish a goal is. Sure, there is the mindset of “You get what you pay for.” However, there’s something inside of all of us that’s at least a little bit curious of what the cheap option is going to end up resulting in. Can it really be that bad?

This time, we get to see it first hand as a YouTube creator by the name of Maxx Powell who, apparently isn’t Aaron Rodgers despite the uncanny resemblance, decides to give his $50,000 Toyota Tacoma a roll on paint job.

For one reason or another, some fenders that were put on the truck have been yellowing for a while and give the otherwise white truck a pretty nasty appearance. Powell does say that he wants to wrap the truck if things go wrong but before he decides to drop money on a wrap, he wanted to try a roll on paint job. When we first hear the words “roll on” and “paint job” when it comes to automotive paint, we kind of cringe a little bit but the more that we think about it, the more curious we get. At the end of the day, if you’re going to sand it down anyway and spend some time on the finish, how bad could it really be?

With that idea in mind, Powell got to work, grabbing some Rustoleum primer in a can and gloss white Rustoleum paint to roll on. He also added in a little bit of sandpaper to smooth things out when the roll on inevitably ends up being a little bit chunky. Would all of these factors be able to end in a paint job that’s worth leaving on a presentable truck or is this all going to end in disaster?