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Country Star, Brantley Gilbert, Shows Off His Car Collection in Garage Tour

I would say that for the majority of automotive enthusiasts, no matter how impressive the existing collection is, we have some sort of a wishlist bouncing around in the back of our heads. Whether these wishlists are obtainable rides or incredibly expensive exotics, for most of us, that list exists for a rainy day or maybe when we hit the lottery.

For those who have hit the big time, they’re afforded the luxury of making these lists come to life. It must be a truly awesome feeling to have a big bankroll to be able to go out and buy just about any car that one could desire.

This time, we check in with country music sensation, Brantley Gilbert, who has put himself together quite the car collection. Stored in his garage that he affectionately calls the “Dawg House,” Gilbert has a nice little stock of rides for a variety of occasions. All American-made, the collection features everything from a series of Ford pickup trucks, one of which has been customized by Speedkore and has a variety of custom carbon fiber all the way to a 2020 Shelby GT500 and even a classic Mercury, this collection has a bit of diversity going on.

Below, we get to go along for the guided tour Gilbert hosts, and explains what each ride is for and how it came to become a part of his collection. In addition, while the rides are impressive, we also couldn’t help but have a bit of a wandering gaze as the garage in which these machines are housed seems to be quite the facility itself. I mean, what is a killer collection without a great space to keep it?

Below, we tune in with the guided dream machine tour that you’re not going to want to miss!