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Farmtruck and AZN Take Fans Behind the Scene of the Latest Street Outlaws (S15 Episode 10)

Some of those who have tuned in to the latest season of Street Outlaws have probably needed a moment to adjust. Viewers who have been tuning in Monday nights this season have been treated to a format that isn’t what they’ve become used to but is something that’s incredibly familiar. It’s almost like we all hopped in a giant time machine.

Instead of racing with big tire race cars, the crew has decided to take it back to the roots of the show. Therefore, we have seen some more relatable street cars compete in the streets. With that, we find not only new builds that are redefining what we know as street cars but also some familiar faces with their familiar rides.

This time, we check in with the dynamic duo of Farmtruck and AZN as they join back in with the scene once again. After a bit of a hiatus, everyone’s favorite tag team is back at it with a couple of Jeeps that are nothing short of nasty when they make their way down the street.

In this particular video from the FarmtruckandAZN YouTube channel, we got to ride along for some of the behind-the-scenes action that takes us along for the ride to see some of the interesting parts of a night that might not have been captured by TV cameras.

Check-in below to see all that and more with the latest FarmtruckandAZN vlog that has the 405 going to work with some wild races, one of which even shows a car losing its driveshaft at high speeds!

You never know what you’re going to get in one of these behind the scenes videos as the camera follows everything from race preparations to driver negotiations and more! For the super fan who just doesn’t get their fill with what fits into the TV show, these videos are just for you!