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6,144 HP Monster Becomes Highest HP Ever Recorded on a Hub Dyno (Speakers Up!)

When a car simply makes too much horsepower to go on the rollers that one would find on your typical dyno, it’s time to pop the rear wheels off and get the hub dyno fired up. Without having to worry about spinning the rear tires so fast as to lose traction on a roller, a hub dyno is a tool that can read power output much more accurately.

This time, we check in with an application that is making the most of a hub dyno. In fact, it appears as if what we’re seeing here is the most powerful car to ever make a pull while bolted to such a machine.

Strapped with 670 cubic inches of Mark Moran twin turbo Hemi power, there’s no denying that this particular purpose-built drag machine is an absolute beast. However, we aren’t quite sure that even the owner behind it knew just how much of a beast it would be until they strapped it down to see exactly how much power it was capable of.

When that throttle cracked and a glorious whistle filled the room as the turbos came to life, the car would end up belting out 6144 hp along with 4000 lb-ft of torque to prove how much of a monster it truly is.

Seeing those sorts of numbers pop up on a dyno sheet is kind of tough to wrap your mind around. With that, we’re incredibly curious to see how this car will fare when it finally does hit the track. There are definitely some creative tuners out there who can come up with some innovative ways to get serious power down the track. With a monster like this, we’re sure that it’s going to take some brain power to make all of that power stick.

Check out the beast below and don’t forget to crank those speakers up!


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