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Crews Recover Cars Sitting Under Water For 2 Years on Sunken “Golden Ray”

In less than a week, we will hit the two-year anniversary of when a cargo ship by the name of “Golden Ray” went down with all of its cargo on board off of the coast of Southeast Georgia.

Naturally, no ship sinking is ever a good time. Obviously, there’s lots of loss and the situation is going to be one that’s not only dangerous but also incredibly complicated as well. Fortunately, for this overturned ship, all of the people on board were able to find their way off. However, let’s just say that after making its way to the bottom of St. Simmons Sound, none of the cargo would make it out alive.

Even if there were any hope for the cargo seeing the light of day again, a recovery effort would actually end up catching pieces of the ship on fire. There is speculation that, when trying to cut into the ship to bring it up a section at a time, the blades might’ve hit something on board that started the fire.

Eventually, though, the recovery effort that we’re certain cost millions of dollars is looking like it’s finally making progress. This time, we get to see what the slices of the ship look like and how exactly the cargo looks now that it’s seeing the light of day once again.

Down in the videos below, we get to see not only all of the cars and trucks that were pulled from inside the ship. We also get to see the moments before it ended up going down and also the unfortunate situation that had the ship caught on fire. Just when they thought it couldn’t get worse – it did!

While the situation is anything but ideal, this certainly is going to create a story that’s going to be told decades from now.