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Daddy Dave Makes First Hit in New Audi NPK Build

Before so many racers had YouTube channels where fans could follow along to see what was going on with a car before it actually made its way to the track, these fans likely had no idea just how much work was involved in such an endeavor. Sure, racers can talk about the long hard hours involved in putting together a car but seeing it with your own eyes is a little bit different than just hearing about it.

Up until this point, we have been following along with the Daddy Dave Racing YouTube channel as he has brought us up to speed with exactly what it takes to put together a brand new race car. To this point, there has been an incredible amount of effort involved just to get the car to an unveiling at the annual SEMA Show and even more work to get it ready for its first test hit. After gathering data from the shakedown, you guessed it, more adjustments are going to have to be done in order to get the car ready to make its first competitive pass.

This time, we get to join in with the aforementioned shakedown passes.

One can spend countless hours making sure that their vision is perfected with a racing machine before its put to use. However, until tire touches the track, none of those hours invested amount to much of anything.

During this particular process, Dave tells us that the shakedown is essentially designed to see if everything works and if anything is going to “fall off” when the car actually goes down the track. As it turns out, the crew did have to make a couple of small adjustments to get this thing ready for the next step.

Below, we get to join in for the first ever test session of Dave’s new Audi. He tells us that after this, it’s off to another test session it’s about 14 hours from home so the goal is to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are where they need to be before really putting some juice into this thing far away from home.