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Watch the NEW $300k Mustang GTD Supercar Scream Around the Track

In a groundbreaking announcement that surfaced earlier this month, the blue oval unveiled its forthcoming halo car – the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD, poised to take aim at Europe’s racing elite.

Fitted with a price tag of $300,000, this vehicular powerhouse is purpose-built to seize supremacy on the race tracks.

A noteworthy highlight of this iteration of the Mustang is the inclusion of a supercharged V8 engine, complemented by a dry sump oil system. Housing a 5.2L powerplant, the car sets its sights on an astonishing 800 horsepower, deftly managed by an eight-speed dual-clutch rear transaxle. This Mustang ventures into uncharted territory for Ford, drawing parallels with the Corvette prior to its transformation into a mid-engine configuration. Picture the 2019 Corvette ZR1, amplified with an additional surge of horsepower.

The realm of innovation doesn’t end here. The GTD boasts a visionary suspension system designed with adapting spring rates and ride height settings to cater to both track and street conditions. It even integrates active aerodynamics and utilizes a carbon fiber driveshaft to perfect weight distribution.

In this instance, we get an exclusive peek at these promised performance marvels in action. Although the car remains concealed beneath camouflage in this pre-release video, the wide-bodied and stunning Mustang GTD is caught undergoing testing at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

The unveiling of the $300,000 price tag for this iteration was met with a mixture of appreciation and skepticism within the performance community. While some enthusiasts recognize the value in the performance prowess commanded by such an investment, others grapple with envisioning a Mustang that commands such a hefty price. In the video below, we embark on the journey of justifying this price point, all while savoring the raw performance punch that Ford has masterfully engineered.

A truly refreshing aspect of videos like this lies in the stark and obvious reminder that, in an era where some automakers appear to be distancing themselves from their racing heritage, Ford boldly reaffirms its substantial commitment to the performance realm through this groundbreaking release.