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Daddy Dave Breaks Silence About New Audi Build, Explains Why He’s Been So Quiet

For those who have been following along with various vlog videos from Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings competitors, there have been some mumblings around the community as everyone has been wondering when exactly the rules will be coming out. The racers are kind of in a little bit of a conundrum as it applies to NPK as they would like to get a head start on getting ready for the action but without a rulebook, it can be a little bit difficult to set up a car to test out.

In the case of perennial NPK front runner, Daddy Dave, he is in an even more challenging position as he’s trying to pull together a completely new build for the series instead of just tweaking the machine that he already had. In other words, as much time with the rule book as possible would be a huge help for Dave’s operation.

With that, the world would be introduced to Dave’s new Audi build at the 2022 SEMA show. However, since then, details have been a little bit sparse about the build and any progress that Dave might be making with it.

Dave took to Facebook recently to explain what has been going on and why he has been quiet about the whole thing. As he tells us, the season 6 rules for No Prep Kings have finally been released and everybody has been going crazy to get to work. Dave says that his inbox has been full with everybody trying to scramble to get their act together before the show is on the road in just a couple of months.

In the video, Dave also relays the idea that his racing operation, DDR, went through the rulebook and picked out the best possible combination to try to win. While some might be upset about certain rule changes to try and make the racing more competitive, Dave says that you won’t hear him or his camp complaining at all.

Instead, what we can expect is for Dave to pick up his car, head to the engine shop to finalize the build and get it on the dyno before we see the Audi on the track to test!