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Dale Earnhardt Jr Opens Up About Surviving a Plane Crash And How it Changed His Life

Back in August 2019, NASCAR racing legend, Dale Earnhardt Jr, would be involved in a fiery plane crash. When imagery of the crash made its way across the media, things didn’t look so good. In fact, the plane was pretty much burnt to a crisp after it had some trouble coming to a smooth landing. Thankfully, everybody on board would be able to make it out alive. However, it wouldn’t come without a little bit of a struggle first.

This time, we check in with the Bussin With The Boys podcast as they attempt to dig into this situation to learn a little bit more about what it was really like. Earnhardt Junior explains the situation and how exactly he reacted to what was something that nobody could ever be prepared for. In fact, Junior even takes the chance to try and compare it to crashing a race car, telling us that being involved in a plane crash is much scarier in a variety of different ways.

From there, he even goes on to explain his thought process and how exactly he struggled to get out of the plane as a fence head wrapped around it after it crashed, thus disallowing the door to open wide enough to escape as the plane burned. It seems like, thankfully, all of the stars aligned just properly in order for Earnhardt and his family to be able to get out of the plane that day.

In hindsight, Earnhardt says that he thinks that at the moment, he was pretty confident that he was going to die that day. However, years later he can now look back on it, having a new perspective on life, even though that perspective had to come on the heels of an unwanted experience that was nothing short of downright terrifying.