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Digging Into the 383 Stroker with Nitrous C10 as Seen on Hoonigan

In the realm of automobiles and custom builds, the possibilities for creating something exceptional are vast. While some enthusiasts envision the epitome of their ride as a sleek and sophisticated supercar with high-end upgrades, others see the most satisfying build come to life from exploring modified work trucks that retain their blue-collar charm while boasting surprising modifications – sleepers, if you will.

In this installment, we join Shawn from AutotopiaLA as he delves into a custom-built Chevrolet C10 work truck. While this vehicle may not have turned heads in its original state, a transformative nine-week build has elevated it to new heights. The truck now boasts a custom chassis with a five-link suspension setup and a quick-change rear end. Powering this beast is a 383 stroker engine, delivering over 500 horsepower, complemented by a touch of nitrous and equipped with EFI for optimal performance.

Externally, the truck retains its stripped-down work truck aesthetic. Despite thing thing being so clean that you could eat off of it, the truck refrains from excessive body customizations. In the accompanying video, Glenn, the truck’s builder, discusses his decision to replace the traditional bed with a flatbed complete with utility racks. While undoubtedly a head-turner, the truck remains a practical shop truck, capable of transporting larger materials—a perfect blend of form and function.

Beyond its functionality, this truck is a bona fide hot rod, adorned with numerous touches inside and out that set it apart. The video provides a comprehensive guided tour, showcasing the details that make this truck truly special. Additionally, viewers are treated to a test drive, experiencing firsthand how this performance-oriented machine reacts when it hits the open road and lets that stroker scream. The result is a captivating blend of utility and high-performance aesthetics that make this working machine stand out in the crowd.