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Kye Kelley Builds an Epic Nitrous-Powered Regal for End Game

As we move into the future of Street Outlaws, ironically enough, we’re moving toward the past at the same time. With the most recent rendition of a Street Outlaws spinoff, the crew will be going back to its roots with Street Outlaws: End Game. Essentially, the idea behind this production is to take drivers back to what the show once was in the heyday. Instead of the high dollar quarter million dollar race cars that we’re used to seeing on the show, this production will give us something a bit simpler and a bit more relatable. The idea is to have some of the fan-favorite competitors build true street cars that cannot only be raced on the streets but also be driven to carry out daily errands and have fun with as well.

With that, we have seen some pretty interesting builds come to life. From Ryan Martin’s Chevrolet Chevelle that’s an absolute showstopper all the way to Shawn Ellington putting together a donk that definitely throws a curveball in the mix, every racer seems to bring their own unique style to the street car style that is going to mix things up a little bit.

This time, we get to check in with a little snippet from the episode that unveils Claude Banks, the build that Kye Kelley has been working on. With the help of one of the most popular racing platforms, a G-body Buick, Kelley digs into exactly what’s possible with a street machine and he has a little bit of help from his friend named nitrous.

Down in the video below, we dig into this Buick Regal that is most certainly a show stopper. The video goes over some of the modifications that have been done to this ride to bring it up to par to compete with what is sure to be some of the most intense street cars in the nation.


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