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Dirt Race Driver Gets Physical With Competitor After Being Pushed From the Track, Flipping Car

Wherever there are race cars and the opportunity to crash those race cars into one another, there are bound to temper that flare. Frequently on circle tracks around the world, whether it’s asphalt, dirt, or some other surface, drivers clash with one another, and sometimes, the tension boils over as one competitor may feel as if they were slighted by another. There is an incredibly fine line that exists between racing hard and racing dirty. Finding that sweet spot is going to depend on who you ask.

This time, we head out to Tennessee at I-75 Raceway for the Southern Nationals that takes the action to dirt.

From what we could tell, a pair of competitors by the names of Ashton Winger and Mack McCarter were battling it out with one another. When push seemed to quite literally come to shove, McCarter would get into Winger, sending Winger’s car off of the track. The incident that ensued was rather dramatic as Winger’s car flipped over several times before coming to a rest.

Apparently, Winger wasn’t too happy with all of this commotion and the way that McCarter raced him. Following the incident, Winger took it upon himself to get out of the vehicle and stand in front of his opponent’s car – an incredibly bold and dangerous move.

The track staff was forced to attempt to hold Winger back as he attempted to reach into the cockpit and take out his frustrations on his fellow racer. In fact, it appears as if some of Winger’s crewmembers even hopped to his defense to try to reach into the car as well.

Down in the video below we check in with the situation that has simply boiled over.

After watching this one, be sure to chime in with what you think. Was that a bump worthy of retaliation or were things simply taken too far after a fair racing move?