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Do Any Wheel Locks REALLY Prevent Theft? Time to Test it Out!

The recent surge in prices of almost everything is not a secret, and the world of automobiles is no exception. Wheels and tires are among the most valuable items on a vehicle and are frequently targeted by thieves. As the prices go up to buy them, replacing stolen parts is going to hurt the wallet even more and as such, maybe it’s time to put some security measures in place. After all, a crook can easily steal a set of wheels in no time. Catalytic converters are also popular targets for theft as well. Both of these items leave us wondering if there’s anything to do to stop thieves in their tracks.

To prevent such wheel theft, there are various products available on the market that claim to deter thieves. However, most of these products seem to be nothing more than deterrents, and it’s unclear how effective they are when put to the test in a real world situation.

Thankfully, consumers have more options than the ol’ trial and error method to see which products work these days. The Project Farm YouTube channel has taken on the world of wheel locks and tested various products to see how effective they are in getting a potential thief to move on to the next car. Our host attempted to test the locks’ resilience by using locking pliers, undersized sockets, and even a locking lug nut remover tool. These are three of the most common methods that one would use in order to get around a wheel lock.

The question is, are these products really antitheft, just deterrents, or a waste of money? By following along below, we get to see a little bit of data that provides peace of mind. After watching this one, we will know whether it’s worth a couple of bucks to buy the locks or if you should just walk on past that section of the shelf.

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