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WhistlinDiesel’s Latest Victim is a Tesla That He Drove Upside Down on 10 Ft Wheels

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in America, but there are still many questions surrounding their capabilities. As with any new technology, consumers want to know if they are worth the investment.

So, are the cars all that they’re cracked up to be? It’s time to find out just that in a… unique way.

One area of concern is their durability. YouTube creator, WhistlinDiesel, is known for testing the limits of vehicles, but not in the typical way. While his tests are often destructive, they are also creative and comedic. Let’s just say that when a new WD video drops, it’s usually worth checking in because you never know what you’re going to get.

In his latest video, our host put a Tesla Model 3 to the test by fitting it with 10-foot tall wagon wheels. This is definitely not a modification you see every day.

After some humorous antics, including charging the Tesla with a coal-rolling generator and smashing through a “school zone” to test its safety features, it’s time to see how much abuse this electric car can take with the massive wheels attached.

The test includes driving the car upside down to see if it’s even possible and pushing it to its limits to see just how much this EV can take. The results are surprising and they showcase just how durable and capable electric vehicles can be. However, we’re not really sure that this Model 3 really ever had a chance because, if you know WhistlinDiesel, you know that he’s bound to find some way to make sure that the test vehicle in question goes down in a blaze of glory.

Don’t believe us? Check out this other recent video where he took possession of a pristine Ferrari F8 and abused it in such a way to try to bait Ferrari into a lawsuit.