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Dodge Wows us Again With “Jailbreak” Option for All Hellcat Redeye Cars

When it comes to making automobiles fun and exciting for enthusiasts, I don’t think that there’s much argument that Dodge has been one of the front runners in that arena. Not only have they come out with platforms like the Hellcat and Demon which certainly focus a lot more on the enthusiast than a lot of other brands like to. Dodge also seems to produce a marketing effort that really makes things exciting to be around. Even some who aren’t that excited about Dodge can’t help but keep an eye on what the company has going on as they attempt to innovate time and time again and really put their best foot forward on this front.

The brand’s most recent way to keep things interesting is what they call the “Never Lift” campaign. Basically, the automaker plans on releasing something new and exciting every quarter until the first-ever electric muscle car comes out about two years from now.

In this particular release, Dodge unveiled something called a “Jailbreak” model that will apply to both the Dodge Charger and Challenger redeye. Essentially, the brand promises a wide variety of personalization options beyond what we’ve really seen before. In other words, Dodge is looking to really make it feel like you can customize your own car straight from the factory with what we’ve seen referred to as “factory customization.”

It feels like Dodge wants the customer to feel like they’re able to modify and personalize a car without putting a wrench to it. This should be pretty neat not only for novices but also those enthusiasts who really want something that’ll end up being a rare piece.

The only performance upgrade with the Jailbreak model will come with a 10 hp bump to the Challenger, bumping the power output from 797 hp to 807 hp with the help of new calibration.

The main focus of the package seems to be a plethora of wild color options. Via the Associated Press, “Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody Jailbreak personalization choices include seven wheel options, six exterior stripe and brake caliper color offerings, five varieties of seats and exterior badging finishes, and four options of steering wheels, seat belt colors and floor mats

New content options for Jailbreak models include Hammerhead Grey Laguna leather seats and floor mats; Hammerhead Grey, Sepia and Demonic Red seat belts; 20-by-11-inch Warp Speed Satin Carbon wheels; Brass Monkey, Satin Chrome and Red exterior badging finishes; Blue and Yellow brake calipers and much more.”

The Dodge Product Design Office also put together a few unique options of their own for the release including “Old School” and “Brass Funky” for those who want something different but don’t want to go through picking all of the colors.

The models will be available for order in late 2021. Find the full details on the Stellantis website.