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Dodge’s New Fuel Development Could’ve Just Saved Combustion Engines

If one were to read automotive headlines, they might think that it’s a foregone conclusion that we will all be turning to electric vehicles for our daily commutes before long. With internal combustion bans looming over the horizon, almost feels like there is a clock ticking on the impending doom of everything powered by fossil fuels.

However, an all-electric future is anything but a foregone conclusion. Sure, EVs do make certain promises that have turned a large audience onto them. However, they are far from perfect and until we have a perfect way to get around, development will rage on as there is a lot of money to be made.

One of the areas that has been considered that could go so far as saving combustion engines is that of synthetic fuels. It almost sounds like something out of a science fiction movie but, believe it or not, there are fuels in development that could be renewable and sustainable. Again, the solution isn’t 100% picture perfect but could stand to be one way to keep internal combustion engines going and make big impacts on our wallets and the environment in the same swing.

This time, our host at Ideal Media digs into the topic, discussing the idea of sustainable fuels and talking about what it would take to bring the synthetic fuel market to a place where it could realistically be put in pumps around the country.

Below, we learn a little bit more about the idea that has had $100 million in investment from Porsche, drawing attention from the likes of Toyota who has paired with Exxon on the idea, and F1 which is also aiming to bring 100% sustainable fuel to the sport within just the next couple of years.

Could this be the next big thing in the world of wheels or is it just another hyped-up idea that will end up falling by the wayside in the long run?