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F1 Car Drives Through Vegas Casino, Does Burnout to Promote Upcoming F1 Race

In an exciting move that broke the internet earlier this year, we learned that F1 would be making a trip out to Las Vegas this year in the name of creating a race that will make the most of the city of sin.

While casual racing fans might have their minds wander toward the event being hosted at Last Vegas Motor Speedway, the matter of fact is much more insane. A graphic released with the announcement shows the race finding its way through the middle of one of the most heavily foot-traveled cities on the West Coast of America!

Naturally, the brand would have to come up with some clever marketing in the name of bringing along a new audience. As of this past week, we would begin to see the extent that the brand is going to in order to get its message across.

People across the city would be in awe as certain sections were shut down in the name of gathering content with an F1 car.

The first sight that caught our eye was right on Las Vegas Blvd in front of the iconic Bellagio fountains. It was here that an F1 machine would go ripping down the main drag in Vegas, screaming at the top of its lungs and giving all of the bystanders an absolute show.

From there, though, we found something that was even more out of the ordinary. In fact, a variety of people posted videos to the social media platform of their choice as the F1 car in question roared through a hotel.

@mlee211 Replying to @frosty_model3 ♬ original sound – Michael Lee

Not only did the car roll through the casino floor at the Wynn, the driver also took the opportunity to do at least one burnout and rev the engine up a bit to make quite a spectacle.

@mlee211 Replying to @yaboyholy ♬ original sound – Michael Lee

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