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Does This $3.6m Dollar Bugatti Impress Doug Demuro?

How can one possibly take a Bugatti and make it even better?

Well, apparently, that was a question that Bugatti was asking themselves and the answer that they came up with was the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. The Pur Sport is said to be the most impressive offering from the automaker. In order to convey exactly why that is, Doug DeMuro took viewers on a guided tour of one of these amazing machines in order to give us an up close and personal view of what’s going on.

For starters, the nuts and bolts of the car dictate that it’s basically a handling-focused version of the Chiron. The car brings a more lightweight and nimble package to the table than what one would expect with a typical Chiron.

Beyond just how this car performs, though, there is so much more wrapped up into a Pur Sport that makes it unique. One of the most glaring examples is that the car that stickers for $3.5 million is limited to a run of just 60 units in the entire world. In fact, it’s so rare that the one that is featured in the video below is the single version that’s available in all of North America.

This time, Doug DeMuro is going through this thing with a fine-tooth comb, attempting to convey to us exactly what it is that makes a car like this so special. For somebody to be willing to break off $3.5 million, the Pur Sport definitely has to bring something wild to the table. With the model, something wild is exactly what we get and then some. For those who haven’t quite gotten what exactly it is that makes a Bugatti… a Bugatti, perhaps the video below will be able to help to show just how special a car like this is.

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