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Double Trouble Features a Twin Turbo and ProCharged Car at the FuelTech dyno

When it comes to some of the craziest dyno rooms in the country, we have to say that FuelTech really brings the intensity. The machines that show up to get a little bit of work done and test things out are truly second to none. At the end of the day, most of these machines are among the fastest on race day. Cranking out thousands of horsepower without thinking twice about it, there are some pretty intense moments that go down on the hub dyno.

This time, we get to check in with another awesome dyno session over at FuelTech. In this particular outing, Randy Williams brings over a couple of his machines that pack a serious punch.

In one corner, we have a twin turbo hemi powered Dodge Challenger. The car is filled with 98 mm turbos and a DiSomma racing engine that allows the boost to flow. Of course, the Challenger is also filled with all sorts of FuelTech goodies just to make sure that all parameters are in line when sending this ride down the drag strip under a full head of steam.

In the other corner, Williams has decided to bring another car rocking a DiSomma Hemi. This time, though, instead of a pair of turbos, we find something on the opposite side of the fence with a massive ProCharger sucking all of the air from the atmosphere.

Today, though, it appears as if only one of the cars is going to find its way to the dyno. When all is said and done, it’s the purple Challenger that’s creating lots of power today. Upon the first crack of the throttle, this thing is absolutely brutal as it lays down some serious ponies. The reading on the dyno this time amounted to a touch over 2600 hp when push came to shove!