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Doug DeMuro’s Top 15 Craziest Quirks of 2022 Highlight the Year in Car Production

If there’s one thing that we can’t help but love it’s that automotive manufacturers are still willing to take chances sometimes. In a day and age where every car on the road seems to be a boring crossover and dealership lots go very far out of their way to lack any sort of personality, every once in a while, we see something pop-up that restores our faith in humanity and drags us from the gray cloud that is corporate influence.

This time, we check in with automotive YouTube presenter, Doug DeMuro, as he takes us through some of the wildest things that he found while conducting his car reviews in 2022. One of DeMuro’s lines that he always is sure to bring up are the “quirks and features” of the cars that he reviews. At the end of the year, he rounds up some of the quirkiest pieces and put them all together in one video that shows how automakers try to think outside of the box sometimes.

The results can be mixed.

In some examples like a Lamborghini Miura with a detaching exhaust, the design might not exactly be practical or one that sticks around for that long. However, other ideas like the self-leveling systems found on Rivian vehicles to help out those looking to camp inside might just be a breakthrough that helps propel the automotive industry to a better future.

Below, we check in with these features that highlight DeMuro’s reviews from 2022. After our host found his way through well over 100 cars, this list is relatively comprehensive and certain to present a variety of oddities that most people probably never even knew existed.

After checking in with this one, be sure to tell us which of these quirks you think should be applied to even more vehicles and which ones maybe shouldn’t have ever existed at all.

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