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The Rivian R1T Pickup is Way Cooler Than we Thought

As a big portion of the automotive market shifts from traditional combustion engines to electric power, we see a lot of new companies coming on the horizon to try and take their share of the market. It’s an exciting new time as over the past couple of decades, it hasn’t been too frequent that we have seen a new and exciting competitor come to market. In fact, Tesla was the first new American brand to really make an impact on the mainstream auto market in over 100 years. Think about that one…

One of those brands that look to make its presence felt in the year 2021 and beyond is Rivian. With the offering of the Rivian R1T, we have what has been described as one of the most exciting electric pickup trucks to come to market to date.

We get it, there aren’t that many options for electric pickups just yet. However, the R1T seems to make a strong case as an early favorite for one of the best to do it. We don’t want to jump the gun but the model definitely brings to the table some pretty interesting options that we’ve never seen in an electric pickup truck before let alone any pickup.

This time, thanks to Marques Brownlee, we get to learn a little bit about the truck from somebody who lived with it for 24 hours. While 24 hours can’t really paint the whole picture, it’s much more than an initial impression. With the review, we look at everything from the tech to the storage compartments that are anything but conventional. We also get to learn a little bit about the quad motor 800 hp application that promises to be an absolute blast to drive.

Down in the video below, we check in with the review that might just add this electric pickup truck to the radar of those who work in the market for a new vehicle.