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Drifting Tanks? M1A1 Tanks Drifting In The Snow

If you have a tank and some tightly packed snow with nothing to do, we’re going to guess that you might just use said tank for a little bit of personal pleasure.

Ok, maybe it isn’t entirely for fun, but we’re sure it’s a factor in the equation as we check out the U.S. Marines M1A1 tank crews as they “work with the Norwegian Telemark Battalion on techniques of driving tracked vehicles in winter conditions on a snow/ice track.”

To us, it looks like these guys are having some fun drifting as a “Norwegian Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank leads a U.S. Marine M1 Abrams, from the Combined Arms Company, to various cold-weather training sites for tracked vehicles in Rena, Norway.”

Check out the training exercise below that is designed to help drivers navigate in cold weather conditions. It looks like this might be one of the most fun exercises to do, though. How many people can say that they’ve drifted a tank?






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