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Drop Top Fans Rejoice – Hennessey Venom F5 Becomes Most Powerful Open Top Hypercar Ever

Do you hate roofs and simultaneously love speed? If that’s the case then my, oh my do we have something just for you!

With a new release, supercar manufacturer, Hennessey, is teasing a new release that will be the world’s most powerful open-top hypercar in the world.

Hennessey tells us “We created the Venom F5 to be the ultimate expression of a hypercar. The Roadster version takes the Coupe’s speed, exhilaration, and awe, plus a sprinkling of respect-inducing fear, to a new, truly visceral level that brings owners closer to the Venom F5’s extreme performance. Our 1,817 bhp 6.6L twin-turbo V8 ‘Fury’ engine screams behind the exposed cockpit, with its roar unobstructed by a roof – it is an unmatched automotive experience.”

The roadster is engineered to exceed 300 mph and allows the driver the option of either a hard top or an open top. In order to make this work, the carbon fiber roof is fully removable. With the help of a carbon-fiber monocoque, we would assume that it’s structurally safe enough to unleash the power without having to worry about warping anything.

Hennessey even describes the roof panel as a work of art, telling us that “Owners may choose to store the panel in a bespoke Merino wool travel bag or as a standalone work-of-art on a custom-made, sculptural pedestal – devised by Hennessey’s in-house design team to enhance the ownership experience.”

For those looking to get into one of these monsters, they had better start writing the check now. An investment of $3 million is what it will take to sign your name on the title of one of the 30 total examples that will each be personalized as they are commissioned to their respective owners.

Be sure to check out the video below to get the first taste of what this monster is going to feel like when it hits the streets. The sound of that menacing twin-turbo layout is simply spine chilling as it promises an unforgettable time behind the wheel, all with your hair blowing in the breeze!


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