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Dude With No Arms Replaces a Clutch With His Feet

When he was just a boy, Andy Detwiler would suffer a farming accident that had taken both of his arms. For many, this would probably be a circumstance where they would write off a lot of things that they could do in life. However, Detwiler seems to have a little bit of a different state of mind as he has powered through learning how to do a ton of things with his feet alone.

In fact, one breeze through his YouTube channel shows Detwiler doing a lot of activities that most people in this world wouldn’t be able to do. To this day, he continues to farm and play with all sorts of outdoor toys like his CanAm Defender.

Not only does Detwiler work on the farm but he also maintains the equipment as well, doing things like swapping out clutches in his own garage. Jobs like this can be a challenge even when you have fingers to be able to fit in small spaces. Doing the job primarily with your feet with minimal help from others seems to be something that would be almost impossible for most folks but Detwiler makes it look easy.

By following along with the video below, we get to see the clutch install on an International 856. If you thought this job couldn’t be done primarily with the feet, think again. While Detwiler does have a little bit of help from his family members, he still does the majority of the work himself, using his feet to hold the tools and get to work.

Below, Detwiler recaps the day it happened and how exactly he has lived a life just a bit differently than most other folks. Hearing a story like this and seeing it in action is nothing short of an inspiration to us all!