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Dudes Created Jet Boats That Look Like Supercars and They’re INSANE!!

When it comes to getting out on the water, there are definitely a lot of ways to get it done.

Picking out the right vessel all kind of depends on what exactly you’re looking to do in terms of function. For example, if you’re fishing you’re going to buy an entirely different boat than if you want to just go fast and have a good time.

Another big consideration to make is just how much it’s going to end up costing! Somewhere, though, there’s a perfect vessel for every situation.

This time, we had all the way to Egypt to check in with a couple of designs that look an absolute blast. On the outside, they may appear to be some late-model sports cars. The examples that we see in the video from Inside Edition look exactly like a C7 Chevrolet Corvette. However, instead of driving on dry land, these rides act a little bit more like a jet boat.

No, they can’t drive on land but these aquatic vessels are able to travel up to 70 km/h. In addition, they have a Bluetooth sound system onboard just in case you want to crank up some jams.

Last but not least, we have to dig into the cost. On the entry-level side of things, we’re looking at about $19,000. Depending on what options somebody wants to get, though, one of these bad boys can be optioned out at over $44,000.

Down in the video below, we get to check them out first hand, seeing what exactly these machines are made of. If someone were to tell us that they were going to combine the looks of a sports car with the function of a jet boat, we would almost think they were crazy. However, even though it takes a moment for our heads to get used to, this actually ends up looking pretty awesome!