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Dunn Team Tragically Loses Long Time Friend, Sponsor, Rob DiPinto

In the world of racing, competition takes the spotlight, but it’s the family-like bonds behind the scenes that truly make the sport come alive. This weekend, the Jim Dunn Racing team heads to the Texas NHRA FallNationals with heavy hearts as they remember their longtime sponsor and friend, Rob DiPinto, who passed away recently.

Rob DiPinto’s presence was most recently felt by fans through the DiPinto International Logistics paint scheme, which adorned the Dunn Racing car during events in Charlotte and St. Louis. Driver Alex Laughlin steered the car to the semifinals and the second round during these races, bringing joy to DiPinto. The brand has been a part of the Dunn team for over a decade and has also found its place on the cars of John Force Racing and Terry Haddock, as per NHRA.

Jon Dunn, the team manager, shared his thoughts with NHRA, saying, “Those were his last two races sponsoring the car this year, and he told me, ‘Man, I really hope this thing can win some rounds,’ and it did, and he was just ecstatic.”

DiPinto’s love for racing went beyond sponsorship; he was a dear friend to the team. Jon Dunn cherished the moments they spent together, especially during DiPinto’s visits to the races, primarily in Pennsylvania. DiPinto’s influence extended beyond the track; he was part of the team’s inner circle. Jim Dunn, the team owner, echoed the sentiment, stating, “He was just a pillar for this team, and he’s going to be deeply missed. He was one of the true sponsors who absolutely loved drag racing and the type of guy you could count on for anything. I’m sad that he’s gone.”

As the team heads to Laughlin’s home track in Texas, they will compete under the Havoline banner, a sponsor that has been with the racer throughout his journey across various racing categories, including Pro Stock, Top Fuel, and Funny Car. The memory of Rob DiPinto will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration and camaraderie for the Jim Dunn Racing team as they take on the Texas NHRA FallNationals. Photo – NHRA