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Engine Explodes On United Airlines Flight Over Denver Causing Massive Damage (Up Date)

A couple of posts have been going viral these past couple of days and the situation that links them is really enough to make our jaws stick to the floor.

The first piece of the puzzle comes from the inside of United Airlines flight 328 out of Denver which shows off a situation that was downright terrifying. If we had looked out the window of a commercial airliner and saw that one of the engines was on fire with most of the shell missing, it would probably be enough to cause panic.

However, the pilots behind the controls of the jetliner seemed to remain cool, calm and collected. Apparently, the investigation about the video below is currently focusing on a fan blade that seems to have been weakened by wear and tear.

Pilots did manage to make a safe return to the airport for an emergency landing. However, that wouldn’t stop pieces of debris from flying off of the engine to the ground below. Almost immediately, the FAA determined that engines equipped with these sorts of fan blades should be inspected more often. The investigation also resulted in the grounding of 128 planes with this particular engine for inspection.

Subsequently, another post managed to go viral as Sara Hankerson posted images of the bezel from the front of the engine as it appears to have made it to the ground in one piece, smashing a pickup truck in the process. From what we have gathered so far, there haven’t appeared to be any injured parties related to the incident. Property damage can be seen in the photos below, though.

Spotted in a friend’s feed just now.
Denver today…….

ATC audio: https://youtu.be/LGLAun2mlB8

Posted by Sara Hankenson on Saturday, February 20, 2021


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