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Every Car Company Killed Off This Century and What Happened

It’s pretty crazy how certain car brands were alive one day and ceased to exist the next. Sure, we get it. Sometimes, companies have to cut products out of their rotation that aren’t selling in the way that they should. After all, automakers are operating a business and they need to do what’s best in the name of their bottom line.

However, when some of these car brands were cut, it would spell out the end of years of history and some of the biggest brands that the world has ever seen. For example, pretty much everybody in the world knew about Pontiac so what was so bad about it that eventually had to close its doors for good? A decision like this was not only throwing out some cool cars but also the countless money that spent in building the brand behind them.

Well, this time, the crew over at Donut took it upon themselves to get to the bottom of exactly that question. The crew goes over everything from Pontiac to Saab to figure out what exactly happened to some of these brands and how their demise interlinks with the shift in the automotive market that seems to be putting automotive enthusiasts on the back burner in favor of saving a little bit of fuel.

The video also spells out why exactly some of the brands weren’t re-purposed to become something else because of their enormous value and instead simply dropped off the face of the Earth. It also tells us a little bit about some of the Hail Mary attempts that did try to save some of the brands in question. While certain aspects of some of these resuscitation attempts were pretty interesting, others showed just how desperate these particular nameplates were to stay relevant in a marketplace that just wasn’t having them.