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Viral “Double Decker Airplane Seats” Could be Coming to Airport Near You

When we think of airlines, they often get grouped with cable and cell phone companies due to their tendency to maximize profits at the expense of customers. Whether it’s cable companies adding unnecessary fees or airlines increasing prices for basic amenities like carry-on bags, dealing with these industries can be frustrating as they do all that they can to squeeze every last penny out of the pockets of their customers.

This time, we take a closer look at a recent invention that, at first glance, might seem like another ploy by the airline industry to cram more people into planes while raising fares and increasing that sacred bottom line. In a relieving plot twist, though, these double-decker airline seats, which stack rows of seats on top of each other, were actually designed by a 23-year-old as part of a college project. The idea originated from the inventor’s personal experience of feeling cramped in standard airline seats due to their height. This is likely something that anyone over 6-foot tall who has ever ridden in an airplane has felt.

Although the design may appear a bit claustrophobic, it has the potential to provide taller individuals with more legroom and allow anyone to recline comfortably during a flight. For those who have traveled long distances by plane, the ability to stretch out one’s legs sounds like a dream come true.

While the concept holds promise, some concerns have arisen. One common question circulating on social media is what would happen if the person seated in front of you decides to pass gas right in your face? These concerns highlight the need for further refinement and addressing potential issues before such designs are implemented in commercial airliners.

It remains uncertain whether these double-decker seats will ever make their way into commercial aviation, and if they do, to what extent airlines will prioritize cramming more passengers into planes. Nevertheless, it’s encouraging to see people exploring innovative solutions to age-old problems.

Stainding at 6-foot-5, I, for one, would love the chance to spread out on a plane a bit.


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