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Evo IX PUNISHES Tesla Plaid! (1000HP BATTLE – 4G63 vs Electric)

For as long as we can remember, there have always been rivalries of some sort in the car community. Whether it’s import versus domestic or Chevrolet versus Ford, enthusiasts always have found a way to put different categories of vehicle up against one another and create a little bit of a friendly rivalry.

I certainly don’t have a crystal ball but I don’t think that anybody would be shocked if there came a point where the next big rivalry was electric versus combustion. Over the past couple of years, we have watched the Tesla brand strongly introduce itself to the world of drag racing. With its highest performance offering, the Tesla Model S Plaid, we watch the electric vehicle dive deep in the 9-second quarter mile club with ease and pretty consistently.

While this sort of performance is incredibly impressive with a factory stock machine, that isn’t necessarily to say that those in the combustion camp have given up on the battle. Instead, some have taken this back-and-forth personally, making it their mission to line up with the Plaid to see who’s boss.

This time, we are taken along for the ride to the TRC invitational as a variety of impressive cars show up to throw down.

The footage this time primarily focuses on a Model S Plaid and the sequentially shifted TRC Mitsubishi Evolution IX that boasts 1000 hp. After putting this pair head to head, the event also explores a couple of other comparisons as the electric vehicle takes on some strong competitors. It’s rather interesting to watch the powerful electric sedan throw down with a variety of cars between 850 and 1000 hp. At one point, the Tesla even takes on a motorcycle!

By following along with the video below, we get to see how this particular electric car stands up to the competition.

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