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Exploring One of Detroits Biggest Abandoned American Car Factories

Once upon a time, in an era that is practically unrecognizable by the standards of today, Detroit was once an epicenter of business in America and furthermore in the world. In its prime, Detroit’s big three of Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge simply ruled the world of transportation. That isn’t to say that these companies have flopped by any stretch of the imagination. However, it’s hard to take a look at a dilapidated city like Detroit and say that it’s anywhere close to the powerhouse at once used to be.

These days, the streets are littered with abandoned homes and buildings, simply serving as reminders of what once used to be so thriving and alive. These days, saying that certain areas of Detroit are ghost towns would be a completely accurate assessment.

This time, thanks to Bright Sun Films, we get to check in with one of the many abandoned structures that litter the streets of Detroit. Once upon a time, the Packard plant featured in this particular video was a large and thriving business. These days, though, the size only reminds us of what was as the structure has now retired to become one of the largest abandoned buildings in all of America.

In the video below, our host explains to us how exactly a company like Packard that was once thriving had gone through trials and tribulations before eventually shutting its doors. Naturally, that would go hand-in-hand with creating what we see today, a former massive feat of engineering that now just sits eerily empty. As we take the guided tour, we can almost feel the presence of the bustling industry that once took place in this building.

Checking in with a video like this also makes us wonder which industries could be victims of tough times in the future.

Photo credit – Tom Murphy & Doreen Murphy