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Tom Cruise Terrifies James Cordon in “Top Gun” Fighter Jet

Back in the 1980s, a little film by the name of Top Gun came out and change the way that a lot of people looked at action films.

While some might have seen the flick as corny, others saw the film as a pioneer that set the groundwork for the way that action films would be presented in the future.

With such a popular movie, fans have been clamoring to get more of their Top Gun fix. All of these years later and we finally have our eyes on a sequel. After being pushed back several times due to different factors, COVID lockdowns included among these factors, we will finally be able to set our eyes on the sequel that has been decades in the making this upcoming weekend.

As those familiar with the industry will tell you, any big-name movie is going to come with quite the media tour. For Top Gun: Maverick, that’s certainly no exception as Tom Cruise has been making his rounds to the “Who’s Who” of late-night shows. The result is something that we think is going to get Top Gun fans hyped up for the new movie. It definitely helps to have a tool like Cruise who has been known to be a man of many talents who even takes on his own stunts.

This time, Cruise joins forces with James Corden to give us quite the whirlwind of a 1980s fighter jet-inspired experience.

Down in the video below, we get to catch up with a Tom Cruise who is just a little bit older than Pete “Maverick” Mitchell was in the original film. However, it still proves to be a ton of fun as Tom puts his pilot’s license to great use and takes a not-so-willing James Corden along for the ride.