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F1 Car vs Outback | Daniel Ricciardo’s Great Aussie Road Trip

Formula 1 (F1) racing is all about engineering the fastest cars on the track and putting the world’s best drivers behind the wheel. These machines are awe-inspiring as they rip around corners, making high speeds look effortless. However, F1 cars are not designed for off-road driving, of course. If you take away the paved surface beneath them, the ride can be incredibly sketchy… or so one might guess.

If that’s your guess then you guessed wrong!

Red Bull Racing, a team known for pushing machines to their limits, recently challenged former F1 fan favorite, Daniel Ricciardo, to push an F1 car in a way it has never been pushed before. Ricciardo, who now serves as Red Bull’s A-Team test driver, got behind the wheel for this particular stunt that has set the internet on fire with over 1 million views in just a single day!

The plot twist is that the driver wasn’t returning to his former capacity as an F1 driver. Instead, he was going to push the limits of an F1 car in an off-road environment. In this wild sequence, we watch as an old-school Red Bull F1 machine with proper off-road tires, of course, is taken through the outback, far from the paved roads that these cars are designed for.

The result – Red Bull’s marketing campaign for this stunt was a huge success. It showcased incredible driving skills of Ricciardo and the limits of the F1 car in an environment that is not fit for the car at all. Whether or not this off-road driving will further Ricciardo’s career as an F1 driver is still to be determined.

We have to say that Red Bull Racing knows how to pull out all the tricks for a successful marketing campaign. If watching something like this doesn’t make you want to tune into an F1 race, we’re not sure what will.